About Dru Duffey

The name, “Free Flowing Paint” comes from the first time I added water to my watercolor pencil drawing and saw the brilliant flow of color as the water hit the pigment on the paper. I was immediately and irrevocably hooked on watercolor.


Contact Dru

Special commissions or custom paintings available on request.

Please send any special requests to Dru Duffey. She will follow up personally to discuss your project and timeline.

Dru's Color Palette


I decided to work with a primary palette this year. I will be using yellow, red, and blue paints. I will mix green, purple, and orange mostly on the painting itself. I am very excited to show you what creations happen.

Mission & Purpose

My mission is to interpret the beauty of creation so my passion touches your soul.

This website is updated often, so come browse, enjoy, and return for more again and again.

You can find me on ArtFinder here: https://www.artfinder.com/dru-duffey

I have an Etsy store here: https://etsy.com/shop/FreeFlowingPaint

I have been personally touched by cancer in multiple ways. 10% of all the proceeds from my art is donated to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Every day I get to wake up in the small town of Arlington, WA and connect with nature. All I have to do is take a morning walk through my neighborhood and watch it change through the seasons, look up at the sky painted in amazing color combinations, observe the new cloud formations, and listen to the bird song around me. It is all inspirational and drives me home to my studio to put water and paint on the surface to watch it work.