As you browse through the art available here you may see a painting whose subject you like, but would love to have it painted in different colors, or with some modifications.  Perhaps you’d like your house in a landscape, or your cabin painted into a beach painting.

I would love to work with you to provide the perfect painting for your home, or a personalized gift for someone you love.

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All you need to do is send me an email:

Do you love the sunset and mountains in this painting or the airplanes flying in formation?

Let me know how to personalize this for you.

8″x10″=$40  11″x 14″=$77  16″x20″=$150




Would you like a personalized alphabet for your child?

Contact me and let me know what they love. This works great as a 16inch x 20 inch painting and so would cost $150




Would you like a painting of your horse? Email a photo to me.

11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198





.Jimi's Train

Know someone who loves trains or boats? I can complete a personalized painting for you.

11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198

Do you have a vision of something special and would like it to come to life? I can do that for you.

11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198

The Holy Sprit

Do butterflies, dragonflies, or other animals hold special meaning for you? Let me paint something special. 11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198

What’s your favorite flower or tree?  I can paint something unique for you. 11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198

Flowers in Blueo

I can also make an art mosaic with fabric, paint, and canvas. 11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198.

Commission piece

This was made from rose petals applied to a painted surface. What unique materials can I put together for you? 8″x10″=$40 11″x14″=$77  16″x20″=$150  18″x22″=$198




Happy Valentines Day

Would you like a special invitation, wedding announcement, or birth announcement? Let’s work together. 6 cards= $20

Summer Gladiolus

I would love to do a mural for your child’s room. Contact me so we can work out the details.