On this page you will find fine art on a smaller scale.

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This art is every bit as beautiful as the larger pieces found here: http://freeflowingpaint.net/?page_id=850 , but with a smaller price tag. These are perfect for small spaces, when you want to give something and have a small budget, and when you want to accessorize a coffee table or side table.

Don’t see the perfect item? Let me know the size you are looking for, color scheme, and subject matter. Let’s collaborate on your perfect item. dru@relaxedelegance.org

Another idea is to check out the hand painted greeting cards here:( http://freeflowingpaint.net/?page_id=656) and frame one yourself.

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I love this blue dragonfly. He looks so happy to me.

I’m calling this’ Lily Surfing’ because he looks like he’s on a surfboard.

He makes me laugh and think of playing in the sun.








Not to be outdone this little “Sunflower Buddy” would love to come bring some sunshine to your home.

He likes to lurk in dark corners so he can be the star of attention.





2.5x3.5 inches

2.5×3.5 inches


This tiny little dragonfly has just landed for “Dinner at the Radical Red Diner.”

If you have a dark corner on a shelf or side table this will brighten it right up.







This is a watercolor painting. It is framed and is 2/12inches by 3 1/2 inches.

I’m calling him “Twig Impersonator” because he looks like he is trying to blend in to the tree as he clings to that leaf.






3.5x2.5 inches

3.5×2.5 inches

This small canvas is painted with watercolor. I have named him “Iridescent” because of his glowing wings.

This is a rectangle shaped canvas that is 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches






3inches x 3inches $5.00

3inches x 3inches

This cute little painting was done with watercolor on a 3inch x 3inch canvas. It is painted from a photo reference by Sue Rayner and used with her permission from the Facebook page Photos For Artists.

It’s such a happy little painting and was so much fun to paint.





Sunny Bee on Easel


8x10 $10


It’s small size makes it ideal to brighten up a small dark space such as this bookshelf.

While on vacation on the coast of the Baja Peninsula the Pacific Ocean gave us a stupendous show. The waves were huge, the surf thundered and crashed against the rocks, and the spray it produced was as tall as a building. When I look at this I can feel the warmth on my back, the cool drops from the spray, and hear the crashing waves. What an awesome experience! This is a print of “Surf’s Up” which can be seen here: http://freeflowingpaint.net/?page_id=105

6x6 inches $20

6×6 inches

My husband and I had a once in a lifetime vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was winter time and the surf was incredible. This painting warms my heart as I remember walking on the beach with my husband and stopping to take hundreds of pictures. I can feel the warmth on my back, the rough sand under my feet, and hear the thunderous crashing of the waves.

“Making a Splash” was created on Aquaboard, a wooden block with a porous material on its face.




6x11 inches $33

6×11 inches

Leaf Print 1

 This is actually a leaf print.  To make it I dampened the paper and then painted it with a generous amount of paint. I then laid some leaves on top and held them on with rocks.Then  I applied another layer of paint around the leaves and let them dry over night.

6x6 inches $20

6×6 inches

Peek a Boo

I love nature. I love trees and birds. So when I saw the reference photo of this little bird peeking out from this tree trunk I had to paint it. Isn’t he the cutest thing? I totally enjoyed painting this one.

This little guy is painted onto Aquaboard which is a wooden base with a special water tolerant surface applied to it’s face. He is ready to brighten up your space.



6x6 inches Framed $18

6×6 inches


Flowers of Friendship

This beautiful flower is a house plant owned by a dear friend.






8.25x 4.75 inches Framed $14

8.25x 4.75 inches


I enjoy the outdoors. In fact I would rather be outdoors than inside. Washington State is full of beautiful mountains, lakes, oceans, and wild life.

This painting I call “Woodsy.” I painted this while exploring using an alternate palette






7x7 inches Framed $25

7×7 inches

Sunny Day.

This original watercolor is a favorite of mine because it reminds me of August in the Northwest. The bright complimentary colors are sure to brighten your day.  Sunny Day comes framed with the option to stand it on a table top or hang on your wall.







“Very Beautiful.” 6×6 inches. $20

This beautiful painting of three different colored poinsettias is painted over the sides of the aquaboard for an even more stunning effect. It is called “Very Beautiful” to honor it’s botanical name, “Euphorbia Pucherrima,” which means, “The most beautiful Euphorbia.”




Wild Rose

Wild Rose, 4×4 inches. $8

This cheerful painting is one that I created while doing “studies” of flowers. I love all kinds of flowers. I was fortunate to have a wild rose in one of my gardens. I love the loose petals and visible stamens at the center. I had lots of fun painting this small 4×4 inch piece. It is sure to add a bit of cheer to your side table.




5x7 inches $18

5×7 inches

Daffy Dill

This was a weird reoccurring vision I was having when I was drifting off to sleep one afternoon. I saw this with line on a black background drawing curly shapes. It started with just a small piece. That one was replaced withe the same beginning and then more curling organic shapes.

I kept thinking of daffodils and wanted to remember those shapes.




This little painting is of beautiful waves flashing green, turquoise, and blue; spraying flecks of diamonds as they crash onto shore. It is a sandy beach on a warm summer’s day. Hang this painting on your wall and feel the peace it brings you. This is Tropical Waves. It measures 9×11 inches and is $30


Tropical Waves