Free Flowing Paint Blog 2016

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My Blog is full of the things that cross my mind during the week. Sometimes it’s something new I discovered while throwing paint around, sometimes it’s inspiration I’ve discovered, and sometimes it’s a new idea or thought to explore.

Use the links below to access my blog articles for this year.

New Beginnings 1/5/2016

The Learning Process 1/15/2016

Playing With Paint 1/22/2016

Still Learning 1/29/2016

Competitions 2/5/2016

Valentines Day 2/12/2016

Rhododendron 2/20/2016

Yupo 3/4/2016

Perky Pansy 3/10/2016

Progress on Perky Pansy 3/14/2016

Yupo Print 3/25/2016

Easter 3/27/2016

Yupo Paper 4/1/2016

Spring Inspiration 4/10/2016

Bearded Iris Inspiration 4/29/2016

Relay For Life 5/13/2016

Achieving Your Dream 5/26/2016

Leaf Prints 5/27/2016

Hand Painted Greeting Cards 6/3/2016

Small Business Owner 6/10/2016

Let’s Talk About Color 6/24/2016

Painting on Wood 7/1/2016

What Color Is Joy? 7/7/2016

What’s With the Dragonflies? 7/14/2016

The Dragonfly is Irridescent:

Summer Musings August 25, 2016