Educational Tidbits and Instruction

I believe life is a journey of learning.

We are born with an instinct for survival and then begin learning at an incredible rate.

I believe if I am going to truly live  life I need to be learning every day. I learn from the environment around me, I learn from my friends, husband, children, and grandchildren. I learn from instructional videos, books, and trial and error. I learn from repetition and consistent practice.

Mt. Baker from Camano Island

I would love it if in some way you can learn from me too. Here you can link to my blog, step by step work in progress, and hopefully soon I will begin teaching watercolor classes.

What supplies do I use?

Watercolor Paint: I mainly use M Graham watercolor paint. They are made with honey which I believe helps them to blend incredibly well together.  I have heard some artists complain about the paint molding on their palette. I think that’s from adding too much water to the well and leaving it saturated overnight. I find the paint is pretty moist and creamy because of the honey so I recommend you add water sparingly.

Primary palette/ mixing

Watercolor Brushes: I mainly use round Cotman watercolor brushes. I have sizes from 14 down to 0.  I also have a couple of nylon flat brushes I got in a packet from the hardware stores They are sizes 4 inch, 3 inch, and 2 inch. I use these for dampening the paper before painting wet into wet.




photo 1

Watercolor Paper: I love Arches paper. I recommend 140 pound paper at least. If you have lots of money the 300 pound is fabulous.  I also use a bit of Fabriano for postcards and bookmarks. I’m currently using Strathmore Greeting Cards which are working well.






Where to buy: If you are budget conscious I recommend shopping on line at the art supply warehouse stores like Blick, Cheap Joes, and Jerrys Artarama.They usually have sales frequently and carry all the major brands. Also check out eBay and Amazon.





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