I enjoy the beauty of old buildings. I like most styles. I particularly like the way an older building stands out against the nature that surrounds it. I think it’s the solidity of the building contrasting with the soft curvature of nature that calls to me.

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A close friend of mine wanted to celebrate her birthday in San Antonio Texas. A group of us had a great girls adventure.

I love this mission style building which is located across the waterway from La Villa, an arts and crafts section in the city. The flowers were spattered into the painting.

The Mission








The Mission



The Mission Print                                                         11×14 Inches                                                                      $ 20.00




Glowing Ruins is a combination of an amazing sunset I photographed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and some European ruins. The sad grey crumbling structure with the vibrant background of the sunset is beautiful to me.

20x27 inches $729

20×27 inches

Mountain Cabin came to my mind when I was thinking about what I could paint for the Christmas season. This painting reminds me of peaceful times.

9x20.75inches Framed $52


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