It could be stated that I will try to paint watercolor on almost anything.  We have three white birch trees in our back yard and early last summer one of them shared a piece of bark with me. I allowed it to dry between the pages of a heavy book and then peeled the outside bark from the thinner almost transparent inner bark.  I had some reference photos I took of an amazing tree in Mount Vernon Washington.

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14x 18.5 inches

14x 18.5 inches


This is “Classic Beauty” and is watercolor painted directly onto birch bark.






16x20 inches

16×20 inches


“Heron in Flight” is a watercolor on Yupo paper. This painting is based on a photograph taken by Chris Allsebrook.




11x14 Inches $77

11×14 Inches

I’ve just completed this painting of a Heron. We have one hanging out at our water hole on the 2nd fairway now. They are amazing. I hope you like” Dinner Time.”








I painted this woodland painting using the concept of a different palette with the composition being in the woods. This painting contains a real bit of nature.

11x14 inches Framed $220

11×14 inches


“Daddy Long Legs” is a painting of a Great Blue Heron. We have many here in Washington State. Their graceful flight despite their enormous wings and long legs make them a favorite of mine. This painting is from a reference photo taken by artist/photographer Chris Allsebrook.

4x10 inches Framed/Matted to 18x22 inches $530

4×10 inches
Framed/Matted to 18×22 inches

“Rainier Morning” was painted from a beautiful sunrise photo I took while traveling Interstate 5 South from Seattle while on my way to California for a week. It was a good sign for the wonderful relaxing get away I was about to experience. Mt Rainier is probably the most commonly recognized mountain in the Cascade Mountain range.

14x18 inches Framed $234

14×18 inches