I love to garden and love all kinds of flowers. The work of Georgia O’Keefe and Birgid O’Connor are great influences on me.

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8x10 inches

8×10 inches


This is “Rosie Friends”This is the first painting I did after discovering how fascinating dragonflies are.Rosie Friends is framed and measures 8×10 inches. It can be yours for $40.00






Memory Flowers are an arrangement some of my friends made for a special occasion. Memory Flowers








Bouquet in Red is a painting of one of the bouquets my husband gave me.Red Bouquet








Flower Madness is one of my learning experiences on Yupo Paper. I applied water to the paper, added globs of paint and then sprayed them with water. I love the different flower shapes, granulation, and brightness of this painting.Flower Madness








I’ve been working on entering a few competitions in my area. Two new paintings are of flowers! They are some of my favorite examples of nature.This was a weird reoccurring vision I was having when I was drifting off to sleep one afternoon. I saw this with line on a black background drawing curly shapes. It started with just a small piece. That one was replaced withe the same beginning and then more curling organic shapes.

8x10 Inches $40

8×10 Inches

Last spring I spent a fabulous girls’ day with two of my friends in Mount Vernon, Wa. at the Tulip festival. We drove around and stopped at the fields filled with endless rows of tulips. I took hundreds of photos. One of them inspired “Tulip Splendor. 







Ruby Poinsettia

Ruby Poinsettia is a luscious deep red poinsettia in a tight grouping of three branches. I categorize this with flowers, although the bright areas are leaves and not blossoms.
You don’t have to wait until Christmas time to display this beautiful piece.Yes it reminds me of Christmas too, but it will enhance any room decorated with red or other flowers.
It is 12×16 inches of rich color                                                                                    $100




This luscious bouquet was a gift from my husband. Isn’t it gorgeous?
With this red mat the flowers literally jump out of the frame and into your arms. I can even smell their sweet fragrance.       14x 18 Inches $300

Beautiful Bounty $126







Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings$ 240

I once lived on 7 acres of beautiful land. There was no landscaping when we moved in.One year my husband gave me a green house, so I decided to start some perennials from seed. We had horses so we had very fertile land.The poppy seed package I got was full of multiple colors. My favorite was this delicate pink one.This is the first time I painted water drops. The original still hangs in my home. I had a blast painting the organic curves in this. This is called Tearful Poppy


Tearful Poppy
Tearful Poppy 







Tearful Poppy Print. This is 11×14 inches and is for sale at $20 

The hibiscus is so cool. I don’t see many of them in the Pacific Northwest, but enjoy all the different colors I’ve seen in warmer climates.  I had to paint it because of the pink and blue. The stamen was painted in detail. This tiny print is filled with color.

20x16 inches $432

20×16 inches

This painting was inspired by one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou,” If you keep trying to be normal you’ll never know how beautiful you can be.”The image is from one of my hanging baskets filled with petunias and lobelea. I hope this brings you as much inspiration as it does me.

22x28 inches $800

22×28 inches

10x12 inch Print $30

10×12 inch Print