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This is my first attempt at painting on wood. It is called Climbing Trio. I wanted to have part of the painting come out onto the frame. That’s why I chose a Clematis. The curving vines give the painting movement while the flowers themselves fill the space with color as they crawl out onto the frame.

36x18 inches $ 880

36×18 inches
$ 324


I had so much fun doing the Climbing Trio I immediately wanted to try something else. My husband found an old piece of particle board in the garage. The Sunflower Workout was slowly revealed to me. The different chips of wood held the shapes of petals and leaves. All I had to do was add color. It has a great texture.

27x10 inches $330

27×10 inches

Now I am excited to let you know that I recycled an old entertainment center and will be painting on it’s wood from it for the next few months.

10x12 inches $60



“Tropical Illusions” is a gorgeous Azalea that grows in my friend’s garden. The amazing colors remind me of tropical landscapes.







This is the watercolor on wood version of “On Wings Like Eagles” which can be seen on the Stunning Skies page. It is based on a photo that I used with permission from Chris McCloud.  I love the texture of the wood in the hillsides and grasses. The water was pained to take advantage of the wood grain as well.

This is called Eagle in the Clouds as is recently framed.   21x17inches

21x17 inches $180

I walk through my neighborhood every morning. During the fall it took me three times longer than normal because I kept seeing unique and beautiful leaves on the ground. Rather than giving my legs a work out I think my waist benefitted more during that time!  All those gorgeous leaves inspired me to paint “Falling Leaves”

10x14 Inches $70

10×14 Inches

Tiger Family is painted onto a plywood board. I love the depth of Lilly’s and the uniqueness of coloring. I used wet into wet technique on the petals.

15.5x 10.5 inches $221

15.5x 10.5 inches


This is my favorite painting so far. I live in Washington State close to Puget Sound. We have an extensive ferry system that gets us out to the peninsula and throughout the many islands that make up the San Juan Islands. One of our lesser known volcanic mountains and my personal favorite is Mt Baker. I call them Northwest Icons

19x29inches $276




Camano Driftwood is based on one of many photos I took at the beach on Camano Island Washington. I struggled in trying to depict the driftwood’s pattern and determined that because I was painting on wood I needed to allow the wood itself to show me it’s pattern. I am very happy with the results.

Camano Driftwood 22.5x22 inches $590

Camano Driftwood
22.5×22 inches

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